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Thanks for visiting my blogless-but-ever-evolving website.  Please scroll down to "NEWS" for updates and please avail yourself of the RESUME PHOTOS, RESUME, CONTACT INFORMATION, GETTY IMAGES  and FILM CLIPS on my site by clicking on the appropriate words in the above title bar.

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  • Stay tuned - my reel is done and though physically too large to fit into this website (call/email me for copy) I WILL have all the clips on my site within days. 
  • I am currently prepping for the feature REAL MEN WEAR PINK (see their website www.PINKTHEMOVIE.COM) as "Mr. Lowery - the eccentric drill sergeant gym teacher" to shoot this Spring.
  • STANLEY CUBA was the Official Selection at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the Special Selection at the Milan International Film Festival and had its New York Premiere at the Brooklyn International Film Festival June 2nd.  See the great trailer at
  • ROULETTE NIGHT played the Austin, Queens, and Cleveland International Film Festivals and has been invited to the Turin International Film Festival.